About Medge

 I worked in the corporate world for over 20 years; then, I realized that I could impact more people with my TRUE skills, gifts, and talents.​ I left Cannes and followed my heart to look for my true calling and give more meaning to my life.
I studied Positive Psychology, spirituality, quantum energy, and conflict resolutions to encourage and support people on their journeys. To assist you, I combine techniques to initiate a true psycho-spiritual healing process.

​​After a personal quest to find my intrinsic essence, I had the experience, training, and knowledge to inspire others to do the same.  
​As a Positive Psychology Practitioner, I guide you to open your inner-connections to embrace your greatest strengths and gifts to help you thrive and better handle daily struggles. 


The positive psychologist, Martin Seligman (2011), describes well-being as a combination of Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationship, Meaning and Purpose, and Accomplishment.

Bessel Van Der Kolk (2014), researcher and psychiatrist, in his book The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma, explains how stress and trauma deeply affect our brain and body. His finding underlined these four facts:

   “We have the ability to change” (p.38)
             “We can regulate our own physiology” (p.38) ́

                 We can control our thoughts and body (p.60) ́ 

        “Reconnecting is a key to recovery”(p.42)


We will connect and evaluate your situation. After the initial consultation, we will create a plan just for you.  


My passion is to help you to embrace and enjoy your uniqueness. I guide you to change your life, be more authentic, and experience more happiness.  

I assist you to connect to your highest potential. I guide you to define your weaknesses and transform them into assets. I help you to recognize and develop these strengths to become the powerful YOU. 


We are all different; therefore, you have a unique place in the world, unique talents, gifts, and weaknesses. You matter and you are useful!

As a result, finding purpose and meaning becomes more accessible when you can perceive this inner-potential and power. 

When you can live from your heart, you are powerful and authentic. I help you to fully live from your heart.


I am the creator of Living From Within Your Heart: the 90-Day  program to Transform & Reinvent Yourself that helps people going through life transitions to find their purpose to create and rebuild a happier and more meaningful life. I am unique and fabulous, and so are you"©.

I am also an abstract artist. Twenty-five years ago, after a near-death experience and four months in bed, I began to paint. After discovering this beautiful talent, I took art classes with art historian and painter Dr. Martha Gyllenhaal. My art is full of colors and positive energy. Art brings messages, so be attentive to the message that my artwork brings you.


Columbia University, New York, NY USA 
Master of Arts Psychology 


Bryn Athyn College, Bryn Athyn, PA, USA  
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology 

I.S.E.A. - I.T.L. Groupe Ecoles des Cadres-Business School, Neuilly Sur Seine, France 
Bachelor in Business and Management


Certificate in Positive Psychology, University of Pennsylvania

Certificate in Positive Psychology Application and Interventions, University of Pennsylvania

Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology, Flourishing Center

Therapeutic Art Life Coach Certificate,  Be Able


  • Member of the American Psychological Association

  • Member of Psi Chi The International Honor Society in Psychology

  • Member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

  • Strive & Inspire Development Center 

  • Board Member of Broward Art Guild 

  • Board Member of Hugs & Smiles Children Foundation

  • Board Director of Reward Housing Foundation Inc.


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